Film and Media Production COVID Testing

Prevent production shutdowns and protect your cast and crew with on-site COVID-19 testing. Mobile COVID Testing offers reliable and efficient COVID-19 testing services for film and media production companies in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Film and Media Production COVID Testing

Film and Media Production COVID Testing Regulations

Businesses all over California and Los Angeles are required to follow mandatory COVID-19 testing regulations. To your media or film production company, meeting deadlines is essential. So, our team can help you meet local, state, and federal requirements while also meeting strict deadlines. The LA County Health Officer Order and the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) had made the following changes to testing requirements: 


Your company must provide COVID-19 testing at no cost while on paid time for unvaccinated employees if they meet any of the following requirements:

  • Show symptoms regardless if there was a known exposure
  • After a known exposure
  • During an outbreak within the workplace



Your company must provide COVID-19 testing at no cost while on paid time for vaccinated employees if they meet any of the following requirements:

  • After a known exposure and are displaying symptoms
  • During an outbreak within the workplace


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Why Choose Mobile COVID Testing

Selecting Mobile COVID Testing for your cast and crew will help you meet your stringent deadline while also maintaining a safe work environment. We work with you and your complex schedule to provide tailored testing services to your production. Our testing options are fast and reliable so that you can maintain your busy schedule. Here is why our team is perfect for on-site COVID-19 testing:  

Testing Options

We offer a variety of test options for cast and crew, including rapid antigen and PCR testing. These test options have flexibility, such as the rapid antigen test providing results in just 15 minutes. Our PCR test can provide results in as little as one hour. 

Minimal Presence

The presence or impact we have on your production is minimal. Our certified technicians are able to set up testing stations in any small area you provide. Our team is trained to work in all types of conditions, whether indoors or outdoors.

Patient Portal

Our team has developed an online patient portal for your cast and crew. This system helps you manage anyone who has tested positive during production. You can easily report outbreaks to LAC DPH as records are compiled for your convenience.

Any Size Production

Your cast and crew may range from ten people to 500. The size of your team doesn’t impact our ability to perform regular and efficient testing. The cast and crew will meet their scheduled times and remain safe and healthy during the production. 

Types of Media Production We Service

Mobile COVID Testing is capable of performing on-site COVID testing for all types of media production projects in the Greater Los Angeles area. The types of media production we have listed below are only a few examples:

Film Production

Film Production

Ensure your film production meets specific deadlines by getting your cast and crew tested daily with an on-site COVID testing center. We can help keep your movie on the right track for production.

TV Ad Production

TV Ad Production

Get your advertisement out on TV or the internet without delay. On-site COVID testing can help keep your production short and sweet. It also ensures your cast and crew remain safe during the production. 

News Production

News Production

Delivering the daily news for Los Angeles is a must. When your crew and anchors are sick, they are unable to perform their duties. Keep them safe and healthy with on-site COVID-19 testing services.

And More!

And More!

Other types of media productions we work with include radio programs, music videos, documentaries, theatre arts, art shoots, YouTube videos, and so much more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mobile COVID Testing Offer Long-Term Testing Services?

Yes! We are happy to offer long-term contracts to keep your cast and crew protected. In fact, those who enter long-term contracts with our team will receive special benefits. Contact our team today to learn more about these benefits for your production.

How much space do you need for testing purposes?

Mobile COVID Testing does not need a lot of space to administer tests to your cast and crew. We can operate in a small room, a section of a lobby, or even outside. The best places outdoors include next to the entrance, sidewalk, or a parking lot. Our technicians will work with you on finding the best place to set up the testing center for as little impact on your production as possible.

How much does on-site COVID-19 Testing Cost?

The only thing you have to pay for on-site COVID testing is a single setup fee. Your cast and crew won’t have to pay for tests as they are covered by health insurance and the Affordable Care Act.

How long does testing take?

We streamline the process of administering COVID-19 tests by setting up walk-through or drive-through lines. The rapid antigen test provides results in 15 minutes, while the PCR test can generate results in as little as an hour. Both of these tests offer flexibility amongst various media productions in the industry. 

How Does Mobile COVID Testing Fit My Tight Filming Schedule?

We fit your strict filming schedule with fast and efficient testing methods. Our technicians are able to administer tests to your cast and crew efficiently through a walk-through or drive-through line. Test results can be obtained within 15 minutes allowing for minimal downtime amongst your cast and crew. Our testing services will meet your expectations by working with you and your busy schedule.

COVID Testing for Businesses

Mobile COVID Testing’s on-site testing solutions help you maintain your filming schedule so that projects can release on time. It is also vital to maintain state and local regulations in the event an outbreak occurs. Our services help you keep records of those outbreaks and prevent future outbreaks. 

Our on-site COVID testing services can be performed at any time of the day and anywhere in or around your production. We can set up inside or outside, depending on what works best for you. Our testing solutions also create efficient walk-through or drive-through lines that minimize the downtime of your business.

Contact our team today regarding our on-site COVID testing services. We abide by state and local regulations. Our trained technicians also follow guidelines set by the CDC and World Health Organization to ensure the safety and health of your employees. Give us a call to learn more about our services or to ask us about long-term contracts. 

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