COVID Testing for Schools & Colleges

Protecting your students, teachers, and staff should be at the top of your list when it comes to safety. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, we want to offer you our on-site COVID testing, perfect for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

COVID-19 School Regulations

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) requires students and employees to get tested weekly no matter their vaccination status. In addition, many independent educational institutions are implementing their own requirements such as colleges and private schools. Protect your students, teachers, and staff by benefiting from the following:

Prevent Outbreaks

Regular testing of your students, teachers, and staff will help prevent major outbreaks from occurring. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to quarantine along with anyone else they had contact with. You will not only protect them but also others within your organization.

Maintain Learning

As we help you identify COVID cases amongst your students and employees, we can continue to prevent the spread and maintain the education opportunities of others. The public school system is essential for our society, and we wish to help maintain its integrity at all costs. 

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How Mobile COVID Testing Operates

Mobile COVID Testing’s on-site testing services help schools and universities stop the spread of COVID-19. We have worked with many educational institutions on regular testing for everyday classes, special events, and sports games. You can find out how our team operates below:

Little Space Needed

Our certified testing technicians need very little space to test your students, teachers, and staff. We are able to set up a testing station in a small area of a building or outdoors. Outside areas such as the sidewalk, next to the entrance, or a parking lot are common areas.

Testing Details

We administer rapid antigen tests, which provide results within 15 minutes. Other test options are available if you prefer. All tests are free and covered by health insurance. The only thing your organization must pay is an initial setup fee.

Walk- or Drive-Through

We can create a walk-through or drive-through testing line when setting up to test your students, teachers, and staff. These types of testing lines allow our team to streamline the process so those tested can waste as little time as possible. 

Positive Results

In the event you have a student, teacher, or staff member test positive for COVID-19, the proper authority of your organization is immediately notified. We know each educational institution has its own COVID protocols, which our team will respect when administering tests.

Types of Educational Institutions We Service

Mobile COVID Testing is capable of performing on-site COVID testing for all types of educational institutions such as elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, community colleges, and more!

Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools

As vaccines begin to roll out for children, COVID-19 testing effectively prevents kids from getting sick. Let our on-site COVID testing for schools help protect your young students during this pandemic.

Middle & High Schools

Middle & High Schools

Protect your teachers, staff, and students with regular on-site COVID-19 testing services. These help stop the spread of the virus in your school. Implement testing for daily class, sports games, events, and more!

Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities tend to have larger student and staff bodies, allowing COVID to spread easier. Protect your community with on-site COVID testing for sports games, events, and more! 

And More!

And More!

Traditional schools and universities are not the only types of educational institutions that benefit from on-site COVID testing. We also work with charter schools, boarding schools, academies, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Test Does Mobile COVID Testing Provide?

Mobile COVID Testing offers two types of tests: PCR and rapid antigen. PCR tests provide results within 24 hours, depending on our team’s availability. Rapid antigen tests are the fastest test type, offering results within 15 minutes.

How much space do you need for testing purposes?

Overall, our team doesn’t need a lot of space. Many clients offer us a small corner of a room or allow us to set up outside in the parking lot or next to the entrance of a building. Our team can also design a walk-through or drive-through testing line.

How much does COVID testing for schools or colleges cost?

On-site testing for students and employees is free through insurance and the Affordable Care Act. You only pay a setup fee, which we can provide once we learn more about your testing needs. 

How does Mobile COVID Testing handle positive test results?

As students and employees wait for their test results, they are kept from those who have been cleared. In the event of a positive COVID test result, we notify the right authority of your organization immediately to keep your others safe and prevent the spread. 

COVID Testing Students and Staff

Mobile COVID Testing’s on-site testing solutions are perfect for all types of organizations, schools and colleges especially! Our team is here to support the educational institutions that children, teens, and young adults rely on. 

The on-site testing services we provide effectively identify students’ and employees’ health and prevent those infected with COVID from infecting others. All tests provide results within 24 hours, with some available in just 15 minutes.

On-site testing for your organization is free, and all you pay is a setup fee. Ask us about our long-term contracts available to get the most out of our COVID-19 testing services. Your educational institution can benefit from our expertise, and we are happy to provide it with minimal impact on normal daily life. 

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